Zoolab visit Field House for their 1st birthday

This post has been written by a service user at Field House and posted with their consent.

On the 27th July 2019, the staff and patients at Field House invited friends and family to the unit to celebrate a year since the unit opened. The lounge was decorated with bunting, and ‘Happy 1st Birthday Field House’ was written on the white board.

The party was not only to celebrate the first year of Field House opening, but also a chance for patients and staff to meet friends and family of the patients. The conservatory was transformed into a safe place for friends and family to get together and, of course, eat cakes that the patients had made.

The music was playing in the lounge, which gave some of the patients time to express themselves and show off some great dance moves! Despite the rainy, somewhat miserable weather, people managed to get together and enjoy themselves and eat barbecue food prepared by our very own chef, Wendy!

Of course, though, the talking point of the day was when Zoolab visited, with a variety of different animals. Although our manager, Kelly, got quite nervous with the animals, almost everyone managed to get stuck in, even a little bit!

There was all sorts of animals, from snakes to bearded dragons. It gave everyone a chance to face their fears!

All in all, it was a great day and it’s safe to say that everyone enjoyed their day, especially the (somewhat) famous brownies!