Staff Views on Working for Elysium

A happy and talented workforce ensures great patient care. That’s why it’s important to us that our employees enjoy working for Elysium Healthcare.


We encourage a positive culture and supportive environment, where employees feel valued and happy to work for us every day. A place where you really can have a long-term career that grows and offers you the personal and professional development you desire.


We like to think we’re doing a good job, but rather than us going on about it, we asked a few of our employees what they thought. Watch the videos below to learn what existing Elysium staff think about working for us.

Elysium Nurses

We asked nurses from some of our hospitals around the country how they feel we’re doing as an employer. See what they think it’s like being an Elysium nurse.

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“I’m going to an environment that I love every day. I think it’s the professional development that you get, you’re able to develop your career at Elysium. I was a charge nurse but I’ve just been given the role of acting ward manager. We all support each other, we’re just one big team.”

Jan, Ward Manager

Elysium Healthcare Assistants

When it comes to feedback, our HCAs took no time in telling us how things are. Hear what they have to say about being an Elysium HCA.


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“It’s a supportive and  friendly team, an organisation that within a short time has given me a lot of opportunities for further study and career progression. I’ve been forwarded for the Career Advancement Programme, which will make me a good candidate for Associate Nurse training. It’s a positive and supportive environment.”

Ben, Healthcare Assistant Level 3

Allied Health Professionals

Everyone plays an important role at Elysium, and we’re pleased to hear that some of our niche professions feel as valued as everyone else. Take a look at what our Psychologist and Occupational Therapist think.


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“Being part of something bigger, to have more resources and skills is fantastic. We’ve got a real sense of community, great communication and great opportunities. It’s a culture of sharing knowledge, skills and best practice. There’s a big commitment to training and up-skilling people at every level to the future development of me and my staff.”


Leigh, Head of occupational Therapy

Elysium Teachers

Our Children and Education services require teachers, teaching assistants, CAMHS nurses and residential support workers to provide care and education to young people with learning disabilities. Hear what it’s like being a teacher at Elysium.


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“I really love that you are allowed to use your initiative. There’s a lot of appreciation for what you do. You really get involved with the young people and you really feel like you’re making a difference. There’s a big family feeling and a sense of being part of something bigger.”


Bev, Teacher at Rhodes Wood

Staff Reviews From Indeed

“Staff are like a family, all very close and help each other. Management have an open door to any needs or things you want to express. We are praised for what we do, day in and day out no matter if it is just a thank you. The clients are challenging, yet rewarding as they all are so welcoming when you arrive in the morning!”


Care Assistant, Surrey

“I really enjoy the job and have gained skills and new experience also had to choice to further my skills in different areas of the company. If you want to work and be part of a team you will fit in. We have difficult days, however, we work together as a team to give the best possible care we can to our residents. My manager is firm but very fair and has been very supportive over the years and is a fantastic manager. I could not ask for a better place to work .”


Healthcare Support Worker, Daventry

“A great place to be part of a big family if you are prepared to work hard, respect others and be part of a team. The hospital aims to deliver a professional service and is very supportive towards its staff. Many staff have been there a long time – which speaks volumes. Not for people who are easily intimidated or lack confidence due to the pressures and everyday workload, but the right person would be very happy there.”


Former Administrator, Thathcam



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