The Benefits of Talking Therapy

Whether we are dealing with difficult changes in our lives, having mental health problems or relationship issues, there are many benefits of talking therapy.

There are many situations and experiences that talking therapy can help with. Mental and emotional suffering is something that we all have in common, although we are not equal in how this affects us. We are all dealt different cards in life and some of those cards might mean that there might not be enough support around us at the time to cope with this suffering or no one is available to us who can teach us how to manage adversity. We might not have had the chance to have people to protect, nurture or guide us enough in life.

Not having those needs met readily in our past or present is something that talking therapy can help us with and assist us with building resilience for our future.

Adversity may show up in many ways in our lives and how we deal with this will greatly depend on our personality, circumstances and the lessons that we have learnt so far in our lives. Whether we can deal with adversity positively or negatively depends on an intricate and changeable tapestry of our lives.

The changeable aspect is what talking therapy is about.

Benefits of talking therapy – a history:

Talking therapy has changed over the years. From the iconic couch of Freud to the behavioural experiments of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the street, there are many different types of talking therapies from Person Centred, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Jungian, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Integrative and more.

All those therapies have a lot in common and their aim is to support us in lessening or alleviate the suffering that we are unwittingly creating for ourselves.

A therapist will facilitate conditions that are at the core of the therapy. These conditions are the fertile ground for healing, learning and growth for us.

Benefits of talking therapy

How therapy works:

All these conditions are what makes the relationship an emotionally safe and therapeutic one for us. The therapist is compassionate in his or her ways. He or she will also make the therapeutic relationship a safe one by always having our best interest at heart, focusing their attention on our needs and goals, facilitating consistency, confidentiality and managing risk levels throughout the therapy.

Therapy can lead us to different aspects.

Finding oneself:

Through the therapy, we get a better understanding of ourselves, of our lives and possibly understanding our impact in the lives of others.

Loving oneself

Therapy can teach us or support us in becoming more compassionate towards ourselves. When we have not been able to accept ourselves, life can be challenging. Therapy can help us find acceptance and compassion, but this does not mean avoiding making necessary changes to reach our goals.

Learning healthy mental behaviours

One of the benefits of talking therapy is to learn to recognise unhealthy patterns in our mind and how to manage them for the better and hopefully, move to healthy, positive thought patterns and mind state.

Learning healthier habits

Making changes that are long lasting and consistent is not always easy. Therapy can help us in setting healthier habits in our inner and outer life.

Therapy can help us staying on track, noticing when we go off track and learning to regain and maintain wellness.


Therapy can be a place and time for us to learn when we have choices in life and how to make choices that are true and congruent with our deeper self.

Emotional development and growth

Therapy is also for many of us an agent of growth. It can lead to changing attitudes, maturing and transcending obsolete roles and states of mind.

Spiritual growth

Therapy is also sometimes an agent for spiritual change. As our understanding of ourselves and others grow alongside the self-compassion, we can find ourselves reaching healthier, states of mind that can lead to healthy shift in levels of consciousness.

These are some of the benefits of talking therapy that can enrich our lives.


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