Successfully Stepping Down into Residential Care within the Healthlinc Pathway

Healthlinc House in Lincolnshire provides a specialist rehabilitation service for men and women with a learning disability and associated complex conditions including autism spectrum condition, personality disorder and forensic issues.

The service benefits from an internal  step down pathway to community based services in Healthlinc Apartments and The Cottage.

This internal step down pathway has enabled Jason to become more independent and reduce his behaviours of challenge.

Jason is a 41 year old man with a diagnosis of mild learning disability and Atypical Autism.

Jason had a difficult childhood, experiencing a socially deprived environment and suspected abuse. He attended special schools as a child and was a victim of bullying throughout school. As an adult he was sexually assaulted by a service user within the residential service he was living in. All of these experiences have led to low self esteem and attachment issues. On reaching adulthood Jason spent time in a number of  supported living and residential care placements, all of which broke down to incidences of challenging behaviour which took the form of violence and aggression towards staff and property damage. Jason was detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) and admitted to hospital for the first time when he was 37 years old. He spent 2 years in an Assessment and Treatment Unit before being referred to Healthlinc House for a period of rehabilitation.

Jason’s treatment programme at Healthlinc House consisted of weekly therapeutic sessions with the Psychologist in which he was supported to develop his coping strategies and identify and understand his challenging behaviours and triggers and how he could support himself and access support from others. One to one sessions with his primary nurse focused on discharge planning, in terms of developing his short and longer term goals and sessions with the occupational therapy and activities team helped Jason to develop his independent living skills.  Through working closely with the Consultant Psychiatrist Jason’s medication regime was drastically reduced. This multi-disciplinary programme enabled a reduction in behaviours of challenge, evidenced through a reduction in the frequency and severity of incidents. His mood and motivation improved which led to increased access to the community to participate in going swimming, shopping, visiting family, trips to Alton Towers and the seaside.

After an 18 month period of rehabilitation within the hospital, Jason was discharged from detention under the Mental Health Act and stepped down within the Healthlinc pathway of services to residential care at The Cottage.

Prior to moving into the house Jason, visited Ikea to buy his furniture for his room to give it a homely feel. Whilst at The Cottage he has continued to utilise his coping strategies and 1:1 sessions and there have been no recorded incidents or use of as required medication. Jason accesses the community on a daily basis to Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham to go shopping, visits to the seaside and walking groups, he also goes to the local pub and shops. He has been on his first holiday in many years to Butlin’s for a themed weekend and has developed the skills to be able to take himself to Lincoln on the bus without staff support and in the last month has learnt how to go to Nottingham on the train without staff support. Remains on low doses of medication and since living in the cottage has not utilised PRN medication.

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