Sturt House music therapy group helps identify patterns in Service Users’ mental health

Research has shown that music as therapy can be used as a positive treatment programme for individuals suffering with their mental health. 

At Sturt House, a music group is offered once a week by the Occupational Therapy team. Music can be used as a form of expressive therapy that works to improve physical and mental health through the expression of emotions.

During the groups at Sturt House, the service users meet and have the opportunity to choose a song they would like to listen to. The Service Users have the choice to use various applications, such as Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Within the group at Sturt House, which has been running for 8 months, the Occupational Therapy team have noticed several positives. Service Users have been very supportive of each other and through the choice of songs, they have been able to discuss and share a particular part of their life. This provides the opportunity for other Service Users to learn and understand about their past life and experiences which in turn, has helped develop better relationships within the service.

Over time, the music group has helped the Occupational Therapy team and nursing staff identify patterns of declining mental health and wellbeing of our Service Users from the changes in genre that is chosen. The team are able to intervene early to help provide additional care and support.

In the future, the aim is to provide additional opportunities to use music in the overall therapeutic timetable at Sturt House. There are plans to develop a music studio at Sturt House which will provide our Service Users the opportunity to record their own music, write their own lyrics and perform.

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