Sturt House Case Study – Meet K

K is a 43 year old gentleman with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia who was admitted to Sturt House in January 2017. K had initially been in prison, before a transfer to Thornford Park Hospital which is a medium & low secure service (also part of Elysium Healthcare).

K was given the opportunity to visit Sturt House prior to his admission. K has highlighted that this helped him feel at ease with the move. On admission K was paired up with a buddy, an existing service user who helped integrate K into the service by providing key information of daily living at Sturt House and introducing him to fellow service users.

On admission K immediately engaged with his therapeutic programme. Over time, K was able to talk about his past history and learned several different skills and strategies in order to avoid any re-offending in the community. 1:1 psychology sessions were provided weekly and as his motivation and confidence increased, K was able to identify and implement coping skills with the support from the psychology team.

Following discussions with K and his community team, K utilised Section 17 leave appropriately with the help and support of the MDT. Over a period of time, without incident, K was able to take unescorted community leave, visiting the local village and his mother in London. Sturt House staff have supported K with being able to plan his journey by learning how to read train/bus timetables and have used social stories to test scenarios that may occur.

K continues to make excellent progress. He has signed up to a creative writing course and enjoys monthly trips out with his peers, attending gardening group, the gym/MissionFit, and helps write the Sturt News.

Within the next 12 months, K hopes to be discharged and has aspirations to enter full time employment as a mechanic.


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