Stanley House and Bowley Court Celebrate and Remember

Traditionally and in usual times residents at Stanley House and Bowley Court have seen the New Year in with fireworks and a party, but this year they did it differently.  At such a poignant time everyone chose to remember residents, friends and staff that have sadly passed away over recent months and previous years and to celebrate the wonderful and fulfilling work that takes place on every single day of the year.

Residents and staff lit up the grounds of Stanley House and Bowley Court turning it into a winter wonderland by adorning the water feature with seven sets of fairy lights which transformed it into an ethereal light tree. Around this, staff and residents placed beautiful hand decorated stones amongst those that already lay there, some of which were painted by people who are no longer with us. They shared stories, laughed and shed a few tears too, as so many staff always say ‘Stanley House and Bowley Court has a sense of family and the bonds that are formed here are strong, we are proud of the work we do and want to celebrate each and every person who comes this way.’

The water feature is now very much a place where staff and residents alike can find space and time to reflect and remember, not just at the New Year but on any day at any time, whatever the season. Staff now hope to encourage every resident to add their own unique stone to the beautiful and sensitive tribute, helping us all to remember their stories.