Elysium Staff Bank

Flexible Work For Nurses And Healthcare Assistants.

Sometimes it’s just not easy working all the time. You might need weekends off to look after the kids, Tuesdays to support the family, or every third week off because it gives you the work/life balance that you want.


Whatever your reason, gain more control over the days you work by working through the Elysium Staff Bank.


It’s the ultimate flexible working option, allowing you to choose when you work each week. There’s even an app that alerts you to new shifts, so you can easily accept shifts on the go at any time.


All Elysium sites have their own Staff Bank, which gives you the option to pick and choose available shifts across multiple sites. This not only means you can choose to work when it suits you, but also to work in different environments and services. It’s a great way to keep things fresh, expand your experience and meet and work with different people.

Who Can Work Bank Shifts?

Staff banks shifts are available for nurses and healthcare assistants/recovery workers across all services (Mental Health, Neurological, Learning Disabilities & Autism, and Children and Education).


Whether you have a full time job elsewhere, work with an agency, are a university student (18+), or are looking for a flexible option as your primary income, you are eligible to work staff bank shifts.


Staff bank is great for psychology and nursing students, as it not only allows you to fit work around your studies, but it gives you hands-on relevant work experience to boost your CV ready for when you qualify.

The Benefits Of Elysium Staff Bank

Besides it giving you the ultimate flexibility to work when and where you want, staff bank is also a great way to supplement your income or test the water to see what it’s like to work at Elysium before applying for a full time position.


You’ll enjoy weekly pay, which includes a 12.07% uplift in pay for all bank shifts worked to cover annual leave.


The majority of the shifts available are 12.5 hours, with the option to work day or night shifts regularly available. On occasion, emergency shifts are available with shorter hours.


Shifts can be booked through an app, which makes is super easy to apply and manage your bank and overtime shifts. You can download the Temployer app from the App Store. Once you have the app you will be able to see all shifts local to you, weeks in advance.

How To Apply For Staff Bank Work

If you are ready to start the journey of becoming an Elysium bank nurse or bank healthcare assistant, complete the form. You will need to attend an interview and be offered a position on the staff bank for your chosen site.

Then there is an initial 2 week (full-time) paid induction, giving you all relevant and necessary training to work in the service.

Once you have completed induction, you will then be notified of the bank shifts available by email and via the Temployer app. Accepting shifts is quick and easy, then you’re ready to start working.


If the flexibility of staff bank isn’t for you, take a look at the benefits that permanent Elysium employees enjoy and take a look at our current vacancies to see what’s available.



*Pay rates shown on adverts include a 12.07% uplift to cover annual leave allowance.

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