Raj Eettickal, Therapy Lead and Senior Physiotherapist at Adderley Green Neurological Centre, nominated for outstanding mentorship

Earlier this year, Renjith (Raj) Eettickal, Therapy Lead and Senior Physiotherapist at Adderley Green Neurological Centre, was nominated for being outstanding in his educator role in supporting student education and providing an exceptional placement experience at Keele University.

Raj has been qualified as a physiotherapist for over 15 years and has spent much of his career working in services supporting patients with neurological conditions. Raj’s expertise extends to providing respiratory management for those residents who present with complex respiratory conditions including for those who require tracheostomies. As therapy lead for Adderley Green he provides much of the specialist training required to assist staff support our residents to the best of their ability as well as providing a wealth of experience and expertise to the wider inter disciplinary team.

Alongside his colleagues at Adderley Green, Raj is dedicated to mentoring students to help them to become excellent therapists in their own right, working closely with Keele University to ensure each student has a productive placement. He heavily invests his time and energy in the student programmes to develop others in the profession in an attempt to raise clinical standards in the widest sense. This is reflected in the glowing feedback that formed part of Raj’s nomination:

“I want to nominate Raj as he contributed to my placement being a fantastic experience. Having two educators on a placement can be challenging in many ways. Fran and Raj had excellent communication between them and towards myself. Getting consistent feedback throughout my placement really helped me to be able to reflect on my practice, make changes where and when needed, be confident, motivated and eager to learn. I felt supported at all times, Fran and Raj looked for and found opportunities for me that challenged me and widened my scope of practice. Some of these are opportunities that I would not necessarily have sought out myself, but being ‘thrown into it’ was exactly what I needed. Fran and Raj made me believe in my own abilities and met my individual needs and way of learning.

As a student working as part of a team you do not always feel equal to other team members or appreciated. Fran and Raj’s attitudes towards having a student in the team was really admirable. I felt equal and useful. A lot of the educators’ time and effort was put in for me to be able to make the most out of my experience and my stay.

Their guidance and help have made me realise how much having someone who believes in you and cheers you forwards means to your own development and motivation.”


Adderley Green provides specialist inpatient neurological rehabilitation and complex care for people with neurological illnesses, acquired brain and spinal cord injuries. To find out more about the service please contact Sheila Manisier:

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