New High Intensity Rehabilitation Unit for Women at The Farndon Unit, Nottinghamshire

In response to demand we are opening a new non secure, CCG commissioned unit at The Farndon Unit. This small, high intensity rehabilitation service will support women over the age of 18 who have complex emotional and mental health problems associated with significant risk behaviours. Typically they have a diagnosis of personality disorder or mental illness. With a speedy assessment process, the unit offers short term stabilisation, personalised assessment, engagement and treatment for women who may benefit from a short inpatient stay.

The unit is completely self-contained and separate to the low secure unit. Drawing on The Farndon Unit’s award winning therapies, the whole team use a psychologically informed approach underpinned by a framework of compassion focused therapy and trauma sensitive care as well as having extensive knowledge of attachment theory. All staff are trained in the implementation of the Positive Behavioural Support Model. This model is evidence based and leads to greater benefits for both patients and staff in supporting behaviours which may challenge.

The Unit aims to support women to:

  • Reduce risks around self-harm and other risky behaviours
  • Stabilise presentation and regulate emotions
  • Promote insight, self-awareness and self-reliance
  • Prepare to engage in more structured therapy in a rehabilitation setting or move on back into the community.


For further information, or to discuss a potential referral, please contact: or the 24hr referral line 0800 218 2398