New Autism Strategy for England

The Government has promised to tackle long diagnosis waiting times in the new autism strategy for England. Last week the Government published its autism strategy, which sets out how it plans to support autistic adults and children in England over the next five years.

In the strategy published, the government have promised to:

  • Invest £10.5 million into finding new ways to reduce diagnosis waiting times for children and young people
  • Invest £2.5 million to improve the quality of adult diagnostic and post-diagnostic pathways and diagnosis waiting times
  • Increase public understanding of autism with a long-term, nationwide initiative
  • Provide £18.5 million to prevent autistic people from falling into mental health crisis and £21 million to local authorities to help people in mental health hospitals back into the community
  • Improve understanding by training education professionals, job centre staff and frontline staff in the justice system.

Paul Mooney, Lead Consultant Psychologist at Elysium had this to say:

“The release of the new Autism Strategy comes as very welcome and timely news for all of us working in the field. The commitments outlined in the report will hopefully serve to enhance the efficiency and quality of care, as well as challenging stigma and inequalities nationwide. Elysium Healthcare fully supports the new Autism Strategy, and will strive to implement its vision over the next 5 years”.