New apartments to complete the full Dialectical Behaviour Therapy pathway at Hope House

We are delighted to announce that the Hope Apartments will open in April 2019 to complete the full DBT pathway.

The new development consists of five single person apartments suitable for women who are progressing well in the intensive 12 month DBT programme and who are preparing for discharge. The apartments enable patients to practice their skills in real life situations before returning to the community or a step-down placement.

Hope House provides a service for women with a diagnosis of EUPD who are committed to completing the intensive 12 month DBT programme. In 2018 we added a DBT preparatory service, Isla House, which offers a service for women with a diagnosis of EUPD who would benefit from the intensive DBT programme but are currently ambivalent about committing to a 12 month programme.  Isla House provides therapeutic preparatory work and allows patients to immerse themselves in DBT culture, develop DBT skills and work on motivation and commitment.


Geoff Keats, Hospital Director, said:

“The addition of the Hope apartments completes the full DBT pathway. Isla House provides pre-contemplative work and Hope House and Hope Apartments deliver the full, intensive DBT programme. The last few years have witnessed service users applying DBT in the real world and acquiring new skills that have enabled them to live safely and more independently. The new apartments will better support service users in preparing for community living and securing what in DBT terminology is described as a ‘life worth living”.


Learn more about the service here.