Specialised care and treatment for progressive neurological conditions

For many neurodegenerative conditions our care pathways reduce the impact the disease has on the individual and their family wherever possible using environmental cues, cognitive aids and a person centred approach.  We are able to provide support to those with a neurodegenerative diagnosis who require complex care due to physical, psychiatric, behavioural and psychological needs.

Whilst there may be no cure for a neurodegenerative condition such as Dementia or Huntington’s disease, there is much that can be done to reduce and relieve symptoms, and to improve quality of life.  There are ongoing scientific developments and we continue to work with specialists within Elysium and the community to provide best practice and updated pharmaceutical treatments.

As part of the treatment approach we are able to identify strategies and equipment which can maximise independence, and reduce the impact of any deterioration that may occur as part of the disease.  It is likely that the individual will benefit from meaningful activity and interaction, even at the latter stages of their diagnosis and the therapeutic milieu is be tailored to reflect this.

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