Behaviours that challenge

Elysium Neurological provides rehabilitation, support and care for those people whose behaviours have changed since the diagnosis of their neurological condition.

For some people a neurological condition can affect their memory or thinking skills; it can leave them confused and behaving very differently than they did prior to the diagnosis. Behaviours can change to such a degree that people can become challenging in their every day life and need specialised support and rehabilitation to help manage these behaviours.

Our expert team of clinicians including Neuropsychiatrists and Neuropsychologists work alongside the wider inter disciplinary team to provide bespoke rehabilitation pathways and care packages to support people with behaviours that challenge. Providing safe environments with skilled staff enables those with behaviours that challenge to experience an excellent quality of life.

St Neots is registered as a hospital and can detain patients under the Mental Health Act as well as support patients with a Deprivation of Liberty and those able to stay informally.

Badby Park, Adderley Green, Stanley House and The Bridge cannot support people who are detained under the Mental Health Act but do support people requiring Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.

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