Who we Support

A neurological diagnosis can cover a wide range of specific conditions with an even wider range of symptoms. Elysium Neurological provides specialised care and expert therapeutic interventions for people affected by the majority of neurological disorders.


including those acquired through
trauma or Strokes, Tumour or Anoxia

Spinal Cord Injuries

acquired through trauma or tumour


e.g Pick’s Disease,
Frontotemporal Dementia

Progressive Neurological Conditions

e.g Huntington’s Disease, Multiple
Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and MND

Other Neurological Diagnoses

e.g. Guillain Barré Syndrome

Each of our centres across the country, whether they are registered as a hospital or specialised care home offer full multidisciplinary support and therapy for a range of neurological conditions to men and women over the age of 18.

We provide in-patient assessment and treatment for physical, cognitive and behavioural rehabilitation, long-term complex care and specialised care and treatment for progressive neurological conditions. In some services our staff provide sensory assessments for people with disorders of consciousness and we also have specialist dementia services for men and women who require specialised care.

All our centres employ a full team of clinical and therapy staff who deliver integrated services making the most of every interaction. Each person’s rehabilitation or long-term care journey is unique and we listen to what people like, need and hope for to make their own experience special and relevant to them.

We work very closely with families as they are usually a hugely important part of every success story. Where people don’t have family, we provide them with an advocate if needed but most importantly personal support, care and companionship.

All bedrooms are single occupancy with en-suite facilities. All services provide a variety of communal spaces and beautiful outdoor areas to be active or relax in. Our services have dedicated therapy areas in the buildings (kitchens, gyms, hydropool, group spaces) but have a focus on supporting people to get out wherever possible so their time in the local community helps them stay connected to the outside world.

To see which of our five pathways is offered at each service, please follow the links on Our Service Pathways page.