Complex Physical Conditions -

including disorders of consciousness, spinal injury, tracheostomy care, ventilation and complex stroke

Complex physical care and treatment is offered to support men and women who present with complex physical impairments relating to a neurological condition. We provide services for people who are diagnosed with a Prolonged Disorder of Consciousness (PDoC), those who may have a tracheostomy or require ventilation.

The person’s complex physical presentation may be as a result of a brain or spinal injury or neurological event such as a stroke. We also work with people who have Guillain-Barré syndrome and other neurological conditions. Where a person has an altered state of consciousness, the experienced clinicians and specialised practitioners observe and assess (with family carer input, when possible) when levels of wakefulness and awareness may change and physical support is required.

People in our care may have a PEG or PEJ for nutrition or hydration and for giving medication, they may have a catheter in situ, or need to be supported using a hoist for transfers. Posture, seating, sleep support, mobility, nutrition, continence and spasticity issues are addressed in all services where we provide complex physical care.

Pathway available at:

Badby Park, Northamptonshire

Adderley Green, Staffordshire

Stanley House and Bowley Court, Herefordshire

The Bridge, North Yorkshire

St Neots, Cambridgeshire