Complex Dementias -

including Frontotemporal, Pick’s, Lewy Body, Korsakoff’s, vascular at any age

There are a number of different dementia diagnoses, some more complex than others. As a specialised service, we support men and women who present with complex needs and behaviours including disinhibition, confusion, aggression and antisocial behaviour. We also support people who have associated physical care needs including PEG, catheterisation, mobility problems and those who require palliative care.

The person their family and loved ones are at the heart of our care and support. They are valued and integral and we ensure that their dignity and privacy is protected at all times. People are encouraged to be as independent as possible and are able to explore our dementia friendly environments. Activities are planned to stimulate memories, maintain maximum independence and encourage interaction within and outside of the centres. Staff take the time to listen and hear people’s thoughts, memories and worries so we can offer thoughtful and caring support.

In addition to supporting mental wellbeing, physical health and communication needs, staff support individuals to experience the environment around them. The interactive sensory equipment, identifiable areas which support orientation, replicas of local shops and community facilities with artefacts and curios, outdoor sensory gardens and meaningful music choices are all available to help create or recall precious memories.

Pathway available at:

Adderley Green, Staffordshire

Badby Park, Northamptonshire

Stanley House and Bowley Court, Herefordshire

St Neots, Cambridgeshire