Introducing St Neots to Elysium Neurological

Whilst always part of Elysium Healthcare delivering specialist care and treatment for those with a Neuropsychiatric or mental health presentation, St Neots has recently undergone some changes. A new Hospital Director has joined the team in April and other senior staff have been appointed to support St Neots’ transition to Elysium Neurological. The building hasn’t gone without either, with the first phase of refurbishment completed at the beginning of 2018. The second phase concentrates on the grounds and gardens of St Neots and further enhances the patients’ outdoor activities space. Phase three will start later this year to complete the internal refurbishment.

St Neots Hospital provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and complex care for both male and female patients suffering from a broad range of neurological conditions e.g. Huntington’s disease, an acquired or traumatic brain injury, frontotemporal dementia or functional disorders and is provided by a highly experienced team based on site.

Patients can also present with pre-morbid mental health conditions and addiction history. St Neots is registered as a hospital and can detain patients under the Mental Health Act as well as support patients with a Deprivation of Liberty and those able to stay informally.

For many neurodegenerative conditions St Neots’ care pathways reduce the impact the disease has on the individual and their family wherever possible, using environmental cues, cognitive aids and a person centred approach.  They are able to provide support to those with a neurodegenerative diagnosis who require complex care due to physical, psychiatric, behavioural and psychological needs.

As part of the treatment approach the St Neots’ team are able to identify strategies and equipment which can maximise independence, and reduce the impact of any deterioration that may occur as part of the disease.  It is likely that the individual will benefit from meaningful activity and interaction, even at the latter stages of their diagnosis and the therapeutic milieu is tailored to reflect this.

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