An expert for every step of the care pathway

Our unique, person-centred model of healthcare is not just provided by one professional, complex care requires multiple experts working together, sharing clinical knowledge and best practice to achieve positive outcomes for each individual.
Whatever care pathway is most suitable for an individual’s needs, our promise is to always have the best clinician, with the most relevant and effective knowledge of their condition and treatment, supervising their care.

The best neuro care and rehabilitation depends upon expert clinicians working together as one team, with one common goal to improve people’s care and quality of life.

Expert clinicians working together as one team

Combining expert knowledge with expert clinical care

Achieving positive outcomes personalised for each individual

UK Rare Diseases Framework: An Important
Step Towards More Collaborative Diagnosis, Treatment And Care

Last month saw the publication of the UK Rare Diseases Framework, setting out the national vision on how the UK will improve the lives of people living with rare diseases. Elysium Neurological welcomes this important publication which aims to ensure a coherent and streamlined way of diagnosing, treating and caring for patients who are living with a rare disease.

Swallowing Awareness Day 2022


Swallowing Awareness Day (16 March 2022) is an important opportunity to discuss the impact on daily life for people who live with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.


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Our Pathways

Neuroprogressive Conditions

Including Huntington’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease.

Complex Physical Conditions

Including disorders of consciousness, spinal injury, tracheostomy care, ventilation and complex stroke.

Complex Dementias

Including Frontotemporal, Pick’s, Lewy Body, Korsakoff, young-onset or vascular.


Assessment, rehabilitation, flexible packages for Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury (ABI or TBI) or neurological conditions.

Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation

Specialised behavioural programmes including for those who may be subject to a section of the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)