Collaborative Working

Elysium Neurological is a member of the Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance (INPA). This is a group of independent providers of neurological rehabilitation who work together to address national issues affecting the sector, campaign and share best practice in a bid to ensure the highest standards of care and neurological rehabilitation is offered by the independent sector.

Elysium Neurological is represented at INPA meetings by Professor Nick Alderman and Michelle Kudhail. Professor Alderman chairs the Research Committee which has been working hard to evaluate a number of outcome measures used within neurobehavioural rehabilitation in the UK. As a result of this valuable work a new booklet entitled ‘INPA Outcomes Study – evaluation and recommendation of a selection of measures used in the independent sector’ is now available.  This booklet features the neurobehavioural measures which clinicians may find useful to demonstrate outcomes.

As Professor Alderman explains…

“INPA is unique and special in enabling neurorehabilitation services that normally compete with one another to cooperate, providing a forum for collaboration, setting standards and ensuring the best experience for patients. The INPA outcome measures study is an excellent example of what the alliance is capable of achieving; all of the significant neurobehavioural rehabilitation services in the UK contributed to this work, making the results and conclusions reached reliable and applicable.”

To view and download the leaflet please click here

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