Acquired Brain Injury Campaign reaches Parliament

An All Party Parliamentary Group for Acquired Brain Injury was launched on 28th November 2017 with the main objectives being:

  • To raise awareness of ABI and seek improvements in support and services for people directly affected by ABI and also their families and carers
  • To provide a voice for those who are not always heard by Ministers and MPs
  • To be the main forum for ABI in Parliament, raising key issues across health, social care and welfare which all affect people living with ABI in the UK

The APPG will also collaborate with other key APPGs to pool and disseminate knowledge.”

Taken from the UKABIF website, follow  for further information about its membership.

On June 18th a debate at the House of Commons took place to highlight the difficulties faced by those surviving an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  It was jointly called by MPs Chris Bryant and John Hayes, who is himself a brain injury survivor where they could share the impact an ABI has on individuals and the variable and inconsistent treatment and services available to survivors. The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum have long campaigned for an All Party Parliamentary Group to be formed and for debates to take place in the House of Commons to raise awareness of this hidden epidemic. For more details about the debate itself including footage of the actual debate please go to

Professor Nick Alderman, Clinical Director, Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Services Elysium Neurological Services comments…

“This work is incredibly important as awareness about acquired brain injury is poor, including amongst policy makers, which is one reason that accounts for the general lack of funding, resources and services, especially for people living with long-term impairments arising from the condition. The work being done by MP’s Chris Bryant and John Hayes should be especially highlighted and applauded for the exceptional job they are doing in consistently and tirelessly bringing these matters to the attention of Parliament and the Government.”

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