What are CQUINs?

The Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUINs) payments framework encourages care providers to share and continually improve how care is delivered. For you, the patient, this means that the care you are receiving should always be improving.

CQUIN Targets and planned actions for the 2016/17 year ending March 2017


CQUINs 2015/2016Q1 ComplianceQ2 ComplianceQ3 ComplianceQ4 Compliance
1.Collaborative Risk Assessment100%100%100%100%
2. The Friends and Family Test100%100%100%100%
3. Improving healthcare to reduce premature mortality in people with severe mental illness100%100%100%100%
4. Needs Formulation at Transition100%100%100%100%
5. Supporting Carer Involvement100%100%100%100%
6. Quality Dashboards for Specialised Services100%100%100%100%