Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Why do I need to be in hospital?

Your stay in hospital is so that you can receive the treatment and care you need to improve your  health. The team will work with you to make sure that your care really meets your needs.

How long will I stay here?

Everyone is different so it can be difficult to say just how long your stay will be. You will agree your treatment goals with your team and you will be able to move on in your care as your condition improves.

Who will look after me?

You will be looked after by a team of professionals who will all be working toward helping you meet your treatment goals. The treatment team, known as a multidisciplinary team are usually made up of:
• A doctor, called a Consultant Psychiatrist. He will prescribe any medication that you need and agree your treatment plan with you.
• Nurses and HealthCare Assistants who will look after you every day and night.
• A Psychologist who will provide some of the therapeutic sessions that you need.
• A Social Worker who will help you maintain links with your family and friends.
• An Occupational Therapist who will work with you to improve your life skills i.e. cooking.

Where will I sleep?

You will have your own bedroom and the majority of our services provide an en-suite bathroom. You can personalise your room so you feel at home. There will also be space for you to store some of your personal belongings and a lockable draw to keep things secure.

Are drugs and alcohol allowed?

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed as these substances would interfere with your treatment.

Will I be able to smoke?

We are working towards smoke free sites to aid the physical wellbeing of patients and staff. Some of our facilities are already smoke free and others have plans to be smoke free in 2017. Check with your nurses what is happening at your hospital. We will fully support you to stop smoking and maintain a smoke free lifestyle. .

What about food?

Our catering staff cook fresh, healthy meals every day. You will have a choice each day but if you have any special dietary requirements, just let us know.

What are restricted items?

Some items are not allowed into the hospital for your safety and for the safety of others. The staff will let you know what these items are.

What will happen to my benefits?

We can work with you to ensure that you receive the correct benefits and have these paid into your bank account. If you need money whilst in hospital we provide a banking service on a weekly basis.

Will my family be able to visit?

Staying in touch with your family is important and we are really committed to supporting this. Whilst we have no specific visiting times we do ask that families come at a time which does not interrupt your treatment.

Will my children be able to visit me?

If your children are under 18 years old you will need to discuss visits with your care team.

How will I be involved in my care?

Your care and treatment plan will be drawn up in agreement with you. This will be monitored weekly and you will regularly have the opportunity to meet with the whole team to let them know how you feel things are going.

What happens when I am ready to leave hospital?

We will work with you, your team and the staff from the service you are moving to. If you are going back home we will make sure you have the support that you need all set up before you go.

How do I make a complaint?

If there is something you are unhappy with its always good to talk to your team. Alternatively, you can write to the hospital Complaints Officer. Should this not resolve the problem the complaint can be escalated to Head Office. You may also choose to take up the issue with your Case Manager and the relevant regulator (CQC or HIW).

How do I share something positive about my care?

It is always good to understand what works well and what you find really helpful. Please email any feedback to us at


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