Meet Dex – Elysium Care Partnerships Service User

Dex came to our service directly from a hospital where he had been an inpatient for 14 years, detained under Section 37/41 of the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007).

Following a detailed assessment process and robust transition plan, Dex transferred to one of our services under Ministry of Justice restrictions, supported by a Deprivation of Liberties Safeguard and under the MARE process. Dex was initially supported on a 1:1 basis when accessing the community.

Due to the length of time he had been in hospital, Dex had lost his confidence and self-esteem and struggled with daily living skills. The staff team worked very closely with him to build a positive rapport and a trusting relationship.

Our Occupational Therapist worked with Dex to develop meaningful occupation activities and he was successful in securing voluntary work at a local charity shop. The Psychology team continued the work he had undertaken in hospital around risk reduction and triggers for behaviours, using personal diary sheets and pocket cards and formulation meetings were held with the staff team to share good practice and avoid triggers.

The team monitored risks and ensured phased positive risk taking opportunities, in line with least restrictive practice, to enable Dex to work towards his goals and aspirations. The use of 1:1 support was reduced over time and Dex was supported to have positive regular contact with his estranged family. 

Dex was fully involved with decision making and reviews of his care and risk management plans to ensure a person centred approach and collaborative working with external professionals was maintained ensuring duty of candour at all times.

All of these interventions supported Dex to reduce the likelihood of re-offending, manage his behaviour and enable him to develop his independent living skills.

After 4 years within the service, Dex successfully moved on into a supported living service.

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