Marmite’s Blog – November

Hello, it’s me again, Marmite, the Pets as Therapy Dog at St Neots Hospital.  It has been a really busy time for me at home as my mum and dad prepare to welcome a small person into our home.  I am not sure what this is going to mean for my pampered life, but I am guessing that my peace has gone!

Because of the new person coming into our home, my mum is going on adoption leave from work until February 2020 which means that I am taking a little holiday also from my job at St Neots Hospital.

I came to site with my mum for my last shift and went around the wards to say a temporary farewell to all the staff and patients.  It was lovely to see everyone on the wards, and get to have lots of fuss made of me; I shall miss that for the next few months.  The ladies and staff on Maple Unit bought me a lovely gift to tell me that they will miss me and I shall enjoy playing with them at home.

I got to see the finished product of the calendar that I was the star of, and the photo shoot pictures certainly show me at my best!  If you get to see one I am the star of the month of November, and personally I think I am the VIP of the whole calendar, but don’t tell the other pets!

I loved having my lunch prepared on a plate for me when I visit, and I know exactly when the food arrives at lunch time when the trolley goes past.  I try to sneak out to see if I can have something that isn’t part of my diet, but my mum always seems to catch me doing this.  I must work on my sneaking whilst I am off so I can do better on my return.

Whilst I am off, the Hospital Director has arranged for everyone to be visited by other animals as part of their therapy, and they will be writing a blog in my absence.  The first one will be written by Frank who is in training to become a PAT dog himself, but obviously he won’t be as witty as me!

Look forward to speaking to you in February 2020, Merry Christmas (I know I am early) and a Happy New Year (even earlier still) but I won’t get a chance to speak to you before then!

Speak soon,