Marmite’s August Blog

Hello, it’s me again, Marmite, the Pets as Therapy Dog at St Neots Hospital. I have had some really interesting times since I last wrote my blog in June. Because of the really hot weather my mummy kept me at home and at doggy day care to ensure that I was kept cool as I don’t cope well in the heat.

When I came to the service on one of my visits, I went to my favourite garden and spent some time playing with two of the men that are currently there. Everyone has said how much they smile when I come onto the ward, and they love throwing the ball and giving me treats. These are both my favourite activities! One of the ladies was having a bad day and feeling very sad and low so my mummy thought that a visit from me would help to cheer her up, which of course it did. She was soon smiling and engaging with everyone after some time with me.

I was also a VIP visitor when we had the CQC team at the site, and I met with the inspectors. I showed them how I can give people my paw when I first meet them, and also told them how much I love working here, but I am not sure they understood me.

I have become a little bit of a celebrity since my last blog, with lots of people knowing about me and how brilliant I am at my job. I have had my very own photoshoot in the garden on Willow Ward with a professional photographer and will soon be a star of a calendar that has been commissioned by the Elysium Healthcare team. There were Marmite jars, cushions, blankets and everything!  I think everyone will agree to love this kind of Marmite! I had my own lunch prepared by the kitchen of some cooked meats with my name on, hand delivered by Sam, one of the Catering Assistants. I always know when food is about when I see the trolley arriving and I try to sneak away from my mummy’s watchful eye, but it hardly ever works!

I haven’t been visiting this week as the weather was too hot but I am looking forward to working again next week and seeing all of my friends. Obviously once the calendar comes out I will be known around the country and may need to wear shades when out in public.

Speak soon!

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