Marmite’s May Blog

Hello, it’s me again, Marmite, the Pets as Therapy Dog at St Neots Hospital. I have had some annual leave since I was last in touch, as it is obviously a very tough life being a PAT dog! My mummy had some different things planned for me so I needed the time off. Everyone missed me and kept asking when I would be coming back in.

I have had quite a few adventures recently, which I have enjoyed immensely.

Each week when I come in, I attend the Morning Meeting so I can be close to my mummy. I listen carefully to see if there is anyone who might need my help more than others on that day.

In between being on the wards, I spend time with the staff in the offices. I try and sneak extra treats when my mummy isn’t watching as I am supposed to be keeping to my diet! Everyone is so nice to me and always give me a good scratch behind my ears and lots of cuddles.

I still enjoy being on the wards with the people who are there. It is very nice to be greeted with such smiles and people excitedly calling out my name. We always try and spend time with those that can’t walk me outside and it’s good to sneak in some extra rests whilst having my belly rubbed!

I try to go to each of the wards as I know that all of the ladies and gentleman like to see me, and my mummy tells me that I am making a big difference by visiting people. Apparently everyone is always much brighter after my visits, which of course must be true as I am such a good dog!

When I went out one week for a walk, I loved running and fetching a very big stick. I am a very good girl and always give this up for throwing again. I could do this for hours, it is so much fun! On this day I ended up having an impromptu swim when I wasn’t supposed to. I saw the water and couldn’t help myself and jumped in! I rather enjoyed cooling down after my walk, and everyone found it so funny! I needed a bath from my mummy that night, and I think she saw the funny side of this eventually!

I am looking forward to a pamper and spruce up at the parlour ready for my photo for the staff board, and also for the noticeboards on the wards, letting everyone know when I am next visiting.

Now the weather is getting warmer I look forward to playing more in the gardens of the Hospital with everyone, and I know that I will be getting lots of water to help me cool down.

I really enjoy cuddling up to my teddies after my time at St Neots Hospital.  I think you will agree that I look rather cute asleep in my bed, snuggling with my toys!

Speak soon,

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