Therapy Dog Marmite’s March Blog

Hello, it’s me again, Marmite, the Pets as Therapy Dog at St Neots Hospital.  Since I last wrote to you all, I have been a very busy girl!

I have been working at St Neots for over a month now, and I am really enjoying my days with the people there. 

One week my mummy was so busy in the morning, she drove almost all the way to work before she remembered that she needed to take me in too, and everyone at the Hospital thought this was very funny!  My mummy has also taken me to the vets to make sure I stay strong and healthy, and although I don’t want to go, I have forgiven her now.

I still love going to Willow Ward, as they have the biggest garden, with lots of leaves in it, and rolling in them is my favourite thing!  Everyone always has a smile for me and wants to play with me in the garden.  I have been working with one gentleman who has really grown in confidence, and always smiles when he sees me, and can even say my name when he doesn’t normally talk very much.  This makes me happy.  Whenever my mummy goes to see the patients they always ask where I am, which is nice.

I am really pleased with myself this week as when I went on to Cherry Ward, one of the ladies didn’t want to get up, but as soon as she saw my face peeking in the door, she jumped straight up so she could give me some fuss, which made her smile for the rest of the day.  Another lady on Cherry Unit loves to see me each week and she always takes me out into their garden to play ball, which I like.

One of our ladies on Maple Ward was very anxious about having a blood test – I tried to relieve her anxiety but she still isn’t able to overcome the fear. I will continue to visit her each time she has a blood test to see if I can help. All of the ladies like to take me to the garden and throw the ball, and always are hoping to see me when my mummy goes onto the ward.

Each week I go out for a walk with a man to try and help him communicate more easily with staff and to help him relax and feel happy.  He seems to really enjoy our time on our walk, even though he can’t hold my lead much because of his injuries.  He tells his family that he ‘walks with Marmite’ and I became a little bit famous as I was spoken about in a CPA review too! Although I am on a special diet, I was lucky enough to be fed some chicken by Sophia our Partnership Development Manager, who was working with the Hospital Director, Louise.  I embarrassed myself by dribbling on the floor whilst waiting for the chicken bones to be removed!

I enjoy having little rests in my bed next to my mummy’s desk, and having lots of drinks and treats, before going for a long sleep at home.

St Neots provides assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and complex care for both male and female patients suffering from a broad range of neurological conditions e.g. Huntington’s disease, an acquired or traumatic brain injury, frontotemporal dementia or functional disorders and is provided by a highly experienced team based on site.

To make a referral, please email Natalie Dilks, Referral Manager St Neots Hospital.