Marmite’s June Blog

Hello, it’s me again, Marmite, the Pets as Therapy Dog at St Neots Hospital. I have had some fun times since I last wrote my blog.

My mummy took me to play on Willow garden with a gentleman on there. He was throwing the ball across the garden for me, and I went and fetched it every time. Everyone seems to know how much I love to do this. The gentleman surprised everyone by shouting ‘ball’ each time he threw it and staff told my mummy that this was really unusual. It was lovely to help someone with their communication as my mummy, Louise and Kirsty talked about me and how I had made a difference at the Elysium Healthcare Sharing Best Practice event.

They told everyone about two of the people that I have had a particular impact on their communication and engagement since working with them, and all about the work that they are going to help me do in the future. My photos were shown throughout the presentation and now EVERYONE knows who I am, my mummy said I was famous and I did feel a bit like a superstar! I am told that the team may write about these outcomes so these can be shared with the wider neuro community, which will make me even more famous! I think you will agree that I look like a superstar in my sunglasses.

After everyone learnt about me at the event, I was visited at the Hospital by the Chief Finance Officer when he was there talking to the Hospital Director. I felt very important as he knew who I was before we were introduced! I also met the Regional Director for the neurological services on this day. I think I must be becoming a VIP!

The weather is getting so much warmer now, and I do get very hot when I am in the offices when I am resting, but my mummy gets a fan for me to try and help me keep cool. The other night my mummy’s car broke down and we couldn’t go home. I was finding it too hot in the office with my mummy, so she took me round the wards where it is much cooler, and I was welcomed like the superstar I am, and also got to make lots of new friends as I met the night staff for the first time. I enjoyed playing with the patients and the staff during the evening and it did help me cool down after a walk in the park! Of course they all loved me straight away! We eventually went home after a nice man came and fixed the car. My mummy is thinking about getting a new car now!