M’s Recovery Journey

Hello, my name is M and I currently reside on a low secure ward at Arbury Court, having recently moved from a medium secure ward.

How did I get here?

For the past ten years I have been in and out of hospitals as a voluntary patient, but was never given a diagnosis so struggled with mental health issues on my own without support. I ended up committing crimes, offending and reoffending until I was remanded into custody where the courts deemed me unwell and detained me under section 37/41 of the Mental Health Act.

Where am I now in my Recovery?

I have been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder with depression, and I have been prescribed medication for this which is helping me to manage my condition. I have also attended DBT and Mindfulness groups. Because I am managing better, I have recently moved from the medium to the low secure ward at Arbury Court.

I feel like I am in a good place at the moment and enjoy lots of activities such as MissionFit exercise classes, drama group, Zumba, football and going to the gym. I also enjoy Real Work Opportunities and work in the Service User Shop as well as being a Patient Representative for the hospital and Chief Editor of a monthly newsletter for Service Users, staff and carers.

I am also able to take Section 17 leave.

What have I got planned for the future?

I would like to be able to manage my own medication and take unescorted leave before eventually progressing to an open rehab service. Eventually, I would like to move back to my own home and go back to work. I will keep in touch with the friends I have made here.

“If you start now you will see results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow.”