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At The Limes we provide rehabilitation for men with a Mental Illness and/or Personality Disorder. The aim of the service is to equip the service user with the skills needed for community living and increased independence.

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Male services / Adults (18+ Years) / 18 beds

Services: Rehabilitation

The Limes, Main Street, Langwith,


Nottinghamshire, NG20 9HD

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The Limes is a specialist rehabilitation service for men with a mental illness and/or Personality Disorder. The aim of the service is to equip the service user with the skills needed for increased independence and community living. The service uses a unique Compassion Focussed model and has focuses its interventions on a recovery that is unique to each individual.


Treatment Pathways


There are two treatment pathways available at The Limes; treatment resistant and treatment engaging. The treatment engaging cohort focus more on increased targeted interventions, increased levels of responsibility and further developing skills for independence. The treatment resistant cohort have a greater focus on collaboratively managing their mental and physical health, building relationships with staff, friends and families and engaging with the local community.

Model of Care


The Limes offers a unique model that combines Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) with Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT). PBS enables patients to understand the function of their behaviours and enables patients to develop the ability to share that with others in their lives. CFT has a focus on nurturance and compassion and supports patients to become less critical and judgemental of themselves and others. The combination of the two models helps break down the internal threat system that often prevents people moving on from services. CFT works alongside a range of psychosocial interventions, offence related work and relapse prevention programmes provided at The Limes.


The WISHE Recovery Pathway


The WISHE Pathway has been developed by Elysium to empower and support the patient to reach their own unique goals. Centred around five core zones the patient and the clinical team build a programme of care which is bespoke, unique, focused and time limited. The five core zones are Work and Education, Interventions, Social Networks, Health and Empowerment. The focus is always on independence and making that next step down the care pathway.

Community Integration and Discharge Preparation


There is significant emphasis upon accessing mainstream resources within the local community and providing patients with the opportunity to develop robust community skills. The service is located in the village of Langwith, Nottinghamshire and is just a short walk away from local amenities. Public transport is readily available, enabling patients to develop their confidence in using the bus and train network.


The location of The Limes provides the ideal place for men to develop the essential life skills required for a successful and meaningful life in the community. Actively using the community resource will assist service users in generating social networks external to the service that can be utilised upon discharge from the service, mitigating the risk of or isolation.


Admission Criteria


  • Males over the age of 18
  • Primary diagnosis of Mental Illness with:
    • Complex mental health needs including Personality Disorder
    • Challenging behaviours
    • Substance and alcohol misuse
  • May have a mild Learning Disability
  • May or may not be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (Amended 2007)
  • May have a forensic history
  • May be treatment resistant


Patient feedback


“The therapy activities at The Limes have helped me be more confident.”

“The Limes is lot better and a lot cleaner than other places I’ve been to. The staff are good here.”

“It’s all good at The Limes. I’m being discharged tomorrow so I’m looking forward to moving on with my life and living independently.”

The Limes CQC Report

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