The Chimneys Clinic

Chimneys Clinic is a 12 bedded service that offers specialist care that is specifically designed to support women that have a diagnosis of an emerging or personality disorder.

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Female service / Adults (18 yrs. +)

Services: Female Personality Disorder Rehabilitation

New Road, Rougham Bury St Edmunds,

Suffolk, IP30 9LR

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Service Aims:


The focus of the service is to enable the young women to work on ways to decrease harmful behaviours and replace them with effective strategies to enhance their lives and help them reach their personal life goals.




Chimneys provides a therapeutic environment to aid the recovery for each young woman within their journey. Each service user will have their own en-suite bedroom, to enable them to have their own personal space. The unit has a communal living space, dining area, quiet room, ADL kitchen and laundry, allowing for service users to socialise with peers, be as independent as possible as well as having an environment where they do not feel isolated.


Admission Criteria:


  • Female
  • Aged 18 years upward
  • May have a primary diagnosis of emerging or personality disorder
  • May be difficult-to-place patients with self-harming and suicidal behaviour with a secondary diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • May be detained under the Mental Health Act
  • May exhibit problem behaviours linked to difficulties with emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal difficulties, including self-harm and suicidal acts, and/or disordered eating.

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