The Chimneys Clinic

The Chimneys is a 12 bed rehabilitation service that offers specialist care specifically designed to support women who have a diagnosis of a Personality Disorder (PD), with or without disordered eating or high functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Young women who are transitioning from CAMHS will also be considered for this service.

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Female service / Adults (18 yrs. +)

Services: Female Personality Disorder Rehabilitation

New Road, Rougham Bury St Edmunds,

Suffolk, IP30 9LR

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Set in the countryside of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, the therapeutic environment aids recovery for each individual.  There is a separate therapy barn which houses the Activities of Daily Living kitchen (ADL) and laundry.  There are en-suite bedrooms for all service users, a communal living space, dining area and a quiet room. The layout of the service allows people to be as independent as possible as well as having an environment where they do not feel isolated.


Model Of Care:

Admission Criteria: 

  • Female aged 18 +
  • May be transitioning from CAMHS 17+
  • May have a primary diagnosis of emerging or Personality Disorder (PD)
  • May be detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007) or informal
  • May exhibit risk behaviours linked to difficulties with emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal difficulties, disordered eating or high functioning ASD
  • May consider those with a mild learning disability (subject to suitability of current cohort)
  • For those with co-morbid issues including disordered eating, the BMI would need to be stabilised at 16 or above and managing oral intake.

Ideally each service user will need to be committed to working with the team to achieve their personal goals and aspirations

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