At Farmfield we offer low and medium secure services for male patients who have been detained under the Mental Health Act (1983) and who benefit from extended treatment and rehabilitation.

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Male services / Adults (18 yrs. +) / 52 beds

Services: Low Secure Unit

Farmfield Drive, Charlwood,

Surrey, RH6 0BN

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Farmfield Hospital provides a range of secure services for men in medium and low secure environments. We provide specialist therapies and treatments for individuals with a range of mental illness’, with clear assessment and recovery focused outcomes. We often care for individuals with complex presentations, with mental illness, personality disorder, substance misuse issues and challenging behaviour.


At Farmfield, across all of our medium and low secure services, Service Users are supported by a specialist multi-disciplinary team who work with people to assess their treatment needs in order to develop a recovery pathway out of hospital.


Treatment is based on the principles of recovery including psychological therapies, occupational therapy, social therapy, physical healthcare and medication. Risk assessment tools including HCR-20, START and SAPROF are used and a clinical formulation is developed to inform the management plans for each patient


Therapy programme

At Farmfield, there are a wide range of therapies available for Service Users. Our team of psychologists and occupational therapists offer a variety of therapeutic interventions individually or in groups, group therapy includes;


Psychology Therapy Groups

  • Offending Behaviour Programme
  • Understanding and Managing Psychosis Group
  • Substance Use Treatment Programme
  • Understanding personality
  • Coping Skills Group
  • Illness awareness programmes
  • Safety planning group
  • Mindfulness
  • Reflection group
  • Addictions anonymous
  • Psychodrama


Service Users work closely with our Occupational Therapy Team to help develop essential life skills and establish meaningful structure to their week.  There are opportunities to explore new hobbies in areas such as art, music and writing; to increase confidence in cooking and self-care, as well as opportunities to work towards English and maths qualifications and work experience.  The OT team have paid jobs for Service Users within the hospital in areas such as assisting in the recruitment of new staff, cleaning jobs, customer service roles in the hospital shop and coffee shop.  The OT department support Service Users to gain valuable work experience placements in the community.


Exercise and Fitness is also a main focus and Service Users can participate in the 13 week Mission Fit course to support them to lose weight and improve their fitness and wellbeing.  Service Users also have the opportunity to use bicycles on their ground leave and attend a community football and community swim group.

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