Cefn Carnau

At Cefn Carnau we provide a Low Secure/ Rehabilitation service for adults with a diagnosis of a learning disability who may also present with mental illness, personality disorders and an autistic spectrum condition.

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Male & Female services / Adults (18 yrs. +) / 22 beds

Services: Low Secure/ Rehabilitation

Cefn Carnau Lane, Thornhill, Cardiff,

South Wales, CF83 1LX

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Treatment programmes aim to reduce the presenting mental health issues and offending behaviours in a Low Secure/ Rehabilitation setting where risk can be managed and reduced in order to allow patients to step down into less restrictive environments


Our three wards each have their own separate garden within a larger communal ground space which includes a tennis court and an allotment plot. There is a therapy centre on site which includes an IT suite, a practice kitchen, a sensory room and a large multi-purpose room which is used for a variety of activities.


Our programmes include a sex offender treatment programme and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, both aimed towards a learning disability population. EMDR therapy is utilised for patients with trauma related disorders. The education team works with individuals to develop basic numeracy and literacy and offers a wide range of learning opportunities including courses accredited by Agored Cymru.


Our service, located close to the centres of both Caerphilly and Cardiff, offers:

  • An eight bed ward for females
  • A six bed ward for males
  • An eight bed ward for males

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