Bromley Road

Bromley Road is a rehabilitation service for men and women with enduring mental health issues, complex needs and complicated addiction problems. We accept service users who have a forensic history and those who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, amended 2007.

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Male & Female services / Adults (18YRS.+) / 24 beds

Services: Rehabilitation

84-86 Bromley Road, Catford,

London, SE6 2UR

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Staff work together with Service Users and in partnership with referrers, families, carers and relevant agencies to achieve meaningful degrees of recovery. They prepare individuals and their care networks to maintain progress following discharge, or to a step down facility.


Service Users are supported by a full multi-disciplinary team, specialist nurses and support workers. The focus at Bromley Road is to deliver positive support and risk reduction strategies, as well as providing opportunities for social inclusion and building skills for independent living.


The hospital is made up of two separate buildings. Jasmine House is the smaller of the two environments and is a female only, recovery focused service. It provides Service Users with the confidence and knowledge to manage their mental health and wellbeing in a dedicated all female environment. The focus is on relapse prevention and building the resilience and skills required to live safely in a community facing setting.

“I have been really impressed by the efforts made to assist a Service User move forward in her recovery. The MDT is showing a great understanding of her complexities. The person centred care is outstanding.”

Care Co-ordinator of Service User at Bromley Road 2019

The larger building is a mixed gender service which is often the first step taken along the recovery pathway for many of those we support. There is a large communal living room and garden where people can socialise. Within the service is a semi-independent living area for two people with shared access to a kitchen and bathroom. This area offers people more independence as part of their preparation to move along their care pathway.


Staff work alongside Service Users, supporting them in their therapy programmes, building coping strategies and increasing their life skills. The aim at Bromley Road is to keep the length of stay to a minimum by planning discharge at the point of admission. Communication with families and valued support networks are encouraged by an experienced and values led staff team.


The service is a specialist in providing care and treatment for people with;


  • Primary diagnosis of mental illness; typical diagnoses includes
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective disorder
  • Personality disorder
  • Depression
  • Complicated alcohol, drugs and substance misuse
  • May present with a forensic history

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