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At Three Valleys Hospital we provide a safe and supportive environment for up to 43 adults of all genders with complex mental health issues. This includes Enhanced Care, Community Housing, across three houses for people with ongoing needs, risks, and complexities unable to be supported in care settings and not requiring a hospital admission. Three Valleys has a separate nine bed neuropsychiatric service which supports up to nine men who are living with a neuroprogressive disorder and behaviours that challenge.

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Overview of Rehabilitation Service

Our aim is to support individuals through periods of mental health fluctuations, by managing relapse and thus preventing re-admission to acute services. The hospital team work with challenging behaviours and look to reduce incidents through pro-active management and a real understanding of service user’s therapeutic needs. We care and support those who may have suffered repeated placement breakdowns, offering continuity and stability.


What we provide:


  • Initial assessment completed within 48 hours of referral information being received
  • Initial care plan formulated prior to admission, continuing on admission following a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) full assessment
  • Care Programme Approach (CPA) within three months of admission and six monthly thereafter unless other arrangements are agreed
  • Holistic approach, personalised treatment goals, maximising opportunities for community living
  • Support of individuals with complex co-morbidities
  • Links with local support groups, education and real life work opportunities
  • Continuity of care across the whole care pathway from a dedicated multidisciplinary team
  • Comprehensive and regular risk assessments undertaken in partnership with the Service User
  • Development and maintaining of social networks


Inclusion criteria


  • Men and women aged 18 or over
  • Those admitted either informally or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)
  • Those who have complex needs, with a diagnosed severe and enduring mental illness
  • Those who due to their diagnosis present with behaviours seen as challenging


Overview of Specialist Neuropsychiatry Service for Men


Oakworth Ward at Three Valleys offers support for up to nine men who are living with a neuroprogressive disorder and who, through their illness, may have developed behaviours which to some, can be seen as challenging. The service offers intensive support combined with the expertise of a multidisciplinary team and specially trained support staff. The aim is for people to step down to a mainstream care home environment should the presenting risks be minimised however, the staff team support individuals with dignity and respect through their end of life pathway, should that be required.


Inclusion Criteria


  • Men with a primary diagnosis of dementia or related neuropsychiatric conditions
  • Those whose physical illness or frailty contributes to, or complicates, the management of their mental health problem
  • Men with psychiatric or neuropsychological and social difficulties whose needs are best met by an inpatient service for older men
  • Individuals who may present with risks or challenging behaviours that cannot be managed safely in the community, nursing home or a residential setting
  • People with psychological or social difficulties related to the ageing process, or end-of-life issues, or who feel their needs may be best met by a service for older people
  • Men who are subject to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) or those who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)




With easy access to Keighley and excellent transport links to the surrounding area, the hospital is ideally located for safe, structured and gradual reintegration into the local community.

  • Oldfield and Steeton: 18 bed male rehabilitation service, hosting a six bed unit for older men
  • Ingrow and Winfield: 16 bed female rehabilitation service, hosting a four bed step down unit
  • Oakworth: a nine bed male specialist neuropsychiatry service


For more information, to arrange a visit or to make a referral please contact the 24hr referral line 0800 218 2398 or referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk.

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