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Gateway Recovery Centre is a state-of-the-art facility which provides care for men and women with complex mental health requirements.

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The hospital is split into four distinct, separate service types:


  • Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) service for men
  • Assessment and rehabilitation for women with complex mental health needs and personality disorder
  • Specialist inpatient service for men with complex mental and physical health needs
  • Low secure setting for men with a mental illness with or without personality disorder or mild LD


The overall aim at Gateway Recovery Centre is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of our patients and to help them develop and maintain healthy relationships with others. Gateway Recovery Centre works to reduce risk behaviours associated with mental health conditions so that our patients can ultimately live successful and fulfilling lives within the community.


Cedar ward: specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) service for men

Cedar ward is a specialist male autism service which support patients with complex needs. The staff team deliver person-centred care which focusses on improving mental health and wellbeing so individuals can move along their care pathway. Patients are supported to understand and helped to manage their behaviours, particularly those which could be a risk for themselves or others. Our aim is for individuals to develop and maintain healthy relationships and to learn practical life skills, which will allow them to have happy and fulfilling lives in the community.


Admission criteria

  • Men over 18 years of age
  • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Possible diagnosis of ASD for assessment period
  • Enduring mental health problem or mild learning disability
  • May have a forensic history
  • Detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)



Specialist Pathway for Women with Complex Mental Health Needs including Personality Disorders

Gateway Recovery Centre offers rehabilitation care and support across three wards for women with emotional and mental health problems with associated risk behaviours  They may come to us because their needs are not be being met in other services or community placements. The service focusses on treatment and rehabilitation in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable discharge.


Beech ward, a ten bed, safe and highly supportive environment for women with high risks of significant self-harm. Within Beech ward the focus is on reduction of acute risks of self-harm, aggression and non-adherence to treatment by addressing core emotional and mental health problems.

Elm ward, a 12 bed, structured setting with routines and boundaries for patients who display significant risk but require slower stream rehabilitation due to complex difficulties.

Fir ward a 12 bed, low dependency, rehabilitation ward with active therapy and interventions to facilitate recovery and community integration.


Admission Criteria

  • Women 18 years and over requiring an inpatient rehabilitation setting
  • Diagnosis of personality disorder with or without mental health problem or a mild learning disability
  • Severe mental health problem with complex psychosocial needs and risks
  • Detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)


Ash ward:  specialist inpatient service for men with challenging behaviours, complex mental and physical health needs and also those with cognitive impairment

Ash ward is supported by an experienced multidisciplinary team and enhanced physical healthcare provision. Situated on the ground floor, each bedroom is en-suite and the ward offers accessible areas with easy access to the garden and sensory areas.


Admission Criteria

  • Men with a primary diagnosis of dementia or related neuropsychiatric conditions
  • Those whose physical illness or frailty contributes to, or complicates, the management of their mental health problem.
  • Men with psychiatric or neuropsychological and social difficulties whose needs are best met by an inpatient service.
  • Patients may present with risks or challenging behaviours that cannot be managed safely in the community, nursing homes or residential settings.


This service also offers as a step down from secure services.

We accept people who are subject to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) or those who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)


Dove ward: a low secure care setting for men with a mental illness with or without personality disorder or mild LD

Dove ward offers a slow stream, low secure service for men who have been in secure services for a number of years. They may have offences which make it difficult for them to move to step down services.


Admission Criteria

  • Men aged from 18 years upwards who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007)
  • Primary diagnosis of mental illness, with or without a diagnosis of personality disorder or mild LD
  • Have sex offending, fire setting behaviours and other complex forensic needs


Please note that we accept referrals from acute psychiatric inpatient units, PICUs and forensic units.


For more information, to arrange a visit or to make a referral please contact the 24hr referral line 0800 218 2398 or referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk.


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