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Cefn Carnau provides a low secure rehabilitation service for adults with a diagnosis of a learning disability who may also present with mental illness, personality disorders and an autistic spectrum condition.

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The service is located close to the centres of both Caerphilly and Cardiff and offers an eight-bed ward for women, plus six and eight bed wards for men. Treatment programmes aim to reduce the presenting mental health issues and offending behaviours in a low secure rehabilitation setting where risk can be managed and reduced to allow patients to step down into less restrictive environments.


Model of Care

The hospital’s multidisciplinary team has a wealth of experience with treatment targeted toward safe patient re-settlement in the community, where possible. Our therapeutic programmes have been designed to maximise the potential and enhance the quality of life of each individual patient.


We provide specialist forensic cognitive behavioural therapy assessment and interventions and social skills interventions including anger and anxiety management. Improving assertiveness and stability in relationships is also provided. We offer a comprehensive range of occupational and complementary therapies such as community skills training, which aim to enhance service user dignity, self-esteem and functioning.


Admission criteria

  • Men and women 18 yrs and over
  • diagnosis of a learning disability
  • people with a wide range of complex mental health needs
  • individuals who may have forensic or substance misuse history
  • detained under the Mental Health Act (1983)


For more information, to arrange a visit or to make a referral please contact the 24hr referral line 0800 218 2398 or referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk.

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Male & Female services / Adults (18 yrs. +) / 22 beds

Services: Low Secure/ Rehabilitation

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