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Bromley Road is a complex care rehabilitation service for men and women with a mental illness and a history of substance misuse and/or trauma.

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Bromley Road is situated in Catford, London and just a short walk away from shops, cafes and leisure facilities. The location provides the ideal environment for patients to participate in the local community as part of their rehabilitation. Patients have access to a wealth of community projects including peer support projects, recovery colleges, music programmes, art networks and volunteer work programmes.

Model of Care

There are two treatment pathways available at Bromley Road; treatment engaging and treatment resistant. Each pathway is based on a three-stage model of assessment, recovery and transition. The treatment resistant cohort have a greater focus on collaborative management of the patient’s mental and physical health, building relationships with staff, friends and family and engaging in the local community. The treatment engaging cohort have a greater focus on targeted interventions, increased levels of responsibility and further developing skills for independent living.

The service offers a three stage therapeutic process to help maximise positive outcomes and to promote recovery on a journey into the community;

Assessment Phase – Stage 1 – This initial phase is focused on developing a rapport with the patient and carrying out initial assessments. It is also the period to orientate the patient to the community and formulate the treatment plan.

Recovery Phase – Stage 2 – This is the period to implement the treatment plans to developed from the assessment and formulation done in Stage 1. Goal setting with the patient and working collaboratively with family, carers and external professionals.

Transition Phase Stage 3 – This is the period to promote social inclusion and cement an appropriate and supportive social network. In this phase the MDT at Bromley Road work closely with CMHT’s in identifying suitable placements in the community and supporting a smooth transition out of hospital.

Staff work alongside service users, supporting them in their therapy programmes, building coping mechanisms and frustration and tolerance strategies as well as increasing their life skills. The aim at Bromley Road is to keep the length of stay to a minimum by planning discharge at the point of admission. Communication with families and valued support networks are encouraged by an experienced and values led staff team.

Service users are supported by an experienced Multidisciplinary Team and the focus at Bromley Road is to deliver positive support and risk reduction strategies, as well as providing opportunities for social inclusion and building skills for independent living.

The hospital is made up of two separate buildings. Jasmine House is the smaller of the two environments and is a male only, recovery focused service. It provides service users with the confidence and knowledge to manage their mental health and wellbeing in a dedicated all male environment. The focus is on relapse prevention and building the resilience and skills required to live safely in a community facing setting.

The larger building, Olive House, is a female service which aims to support women using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mentalisation-Based Therapy (MBT) approach to rebuild confidence in themselves and to prepare for a return to independent living. There is a large communal living room and garden where people can socialise. Since January 2020, three additional en-suite bedrooms were created on the top floor, offering more independence to service users as they prepare for discharge into the community.

“The team at Bromley Road have provided fantastic care and treatment for my patient. The communication has helped tremendously when planning for his discharge and he has been in his new placement in the community for four months. The Bromley Road team have played a huge role in this being possible.”

Care Coordinator of Service User at Bromley Road 2021

Self Contained apartment 

The apartment replicates a community setting but also provides the relational support of the team whilst allowing the person to access the local community, to develop social networks that can be utilised when the patient is discharged. The bright airy apartment has ensuite facilities with its own kitchen to support people to develop their cooking skills to self-cater. 

Our service user profile(s) include; 

  • Men & Women aged 18+ years
  • Detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, amended 2007
  • Primary diagnosis of severe and enduring mental illness
  • Typical diagnoses includes Schizophrenia including treatment resistant, Schizoaffective disorder, Depression
  • Secondary diagnosis that includes complicated alcohol, drugs and substance misuse, behavioural disorders and autism
  • May present with limited potential to engage in treatment but would benefit from a rehabilitation setting to maintain functioning and quality of life.
  • Aiming for a full and final discharge from hospital into the community
  • History of trauma
  • May have a forensic history and/or be stepping down from secure services
  • May have a history of repeated acute admissions
  • May be stepping up from failed community placements

For more information, to arrange a visit or to make a referral please contact the 24hr referral line 0800 218 2398 or referrals@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk.

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