Specialist Epilepsy Care for Men and Women

Epilepsy is more common in people with a learning disability and usually the more severe the learning disability the more likely that the person will also have epilepsy.

Key elements & aims of our services and treatment programmes

Our services are highly experienced in supporting those individuals with a learning disability who also have epilepsy and are experienced in working with all levels of the condition including severe and debilitating seizures.

Our staff are specially trained in caring for those with a learning disability and epilepsy and work with each individual to help them manage the condition in our community based services with the aim of ensuring each person lives as ordinary and fulfilled life as possible.

Personalised care plans around each individual’s epilepsy management are in place and staff provide support to each individual with attending neurological appointments and medication management to help clients understand how they can manage their epilepsy.

We support a number of clients with severe epilepsy who have frequent and unpredictable seizures, we ensure that they have suitable safety aids and equipment to minimise injury and risk to themselves.