Specialist Autism Spectrum Disorder Care

for Men and Women

We provide specialist services to adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in our hospitals and care homes. By recognising the diverse range of needs presented by people with autism and the challenges they are likely to face in everyday life, these services have been designed to provide flexible and creative solutions.

Key elements & aims of our services and treatment programmes

Our programmes identify and supports the individual with their particular issues around communication, sensory needs and difficulties, social interaction, physical healthcare and any behavioural difficulties.


Our pathway offers a consistent and predictable treatment, care and support that aims to increase the individuals’ independence and skills in communication, daily living and self-regulation.


We are also able to offer bespoke services for individuals who have profound and severe needs and risks in relation to challenging behaviours through our High Intensity Programme.


All our staff are trained in working with people with an autism spectrum disorder.


Treatment programmes within our hospitals within these specialist units are supported by an experienced multi-disciplinary team made up of experienced clinicians who are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with complex presentations and including a consultant psychiatrist, a consultant clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.


Key elements of our autism specific treatment programme include:

Our community based services support individuals with autism spectrum disorder by enabling them to live safely in a community based setting, by supporting their individual needs and maximising their independence.