Joanna McCabe Returns to Elysium Healthcare as Huntington’s Disease Specialist Nurse

Many Elysium staff will already know and have worked with Joanna who until recently, held the role of Care Centre Director at Stanley House & Bowley Court, a 41 bed service that provides long term neurological care for individuals affected by the majority of neurological conditions and is a service in which she worked for more than 13 years.

Joanna has come back to share her extensive knowledge and experience, gained through years of working with and caring for individuals and families living with Huntington’s Disease (HD), across all six Elysium Neurological services. HD is a complex condition and in a study reported by The British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, the role of Specialist Nurse was found to be a vital resource for people with HD. Participants considered that the detailed knowledge of the Specialist Nurse made that person essential to the care they received.

Joanna will provide specialist expertise, guidance, clinical input and advice to services and staff so that they have a sound understanding of the issues that relate to HD together with the impact this has on the person and their families, friends and carers.

She is looking forward to evaluating and developing local training programmes and resources to ensure that the care provided in Elysium Neurological services is of the highest quality and sensitively meets the needs of all residents and patients as well as their families. Joanna is passionate about bridging the space between residents or patients and the clinical/therapeutic teams so that their wishes are communicated and understood, enabling them to reach the best possible quality of life. Elysium is delighted that Joanna has agreed to come back and work within this exciting new position and looks forward to her Thought Leadership articles and Masterclass on Huntington’s disease, planned for 2021.

If you would like to find out more about Elysium Neurological services and the five service pathways, please visit the website or contact:

Sheila Manisier, Business Development Director – Neurological Services

E:  T:  07384 894098