Introducing Serea, CAMHS Regional Patient Advice Liaison Support Officer

Serea Elysium PALSHi! My name is Serea and I am the Regional Patient Advice Liaison Support Officer for Elysium’s CAMHS services. I have been working with Elysium Healthcare for 3 years previously within the role of Therapy Coordinator as a part of the Occupational Therapy team at Potters Bar Clinic. This role has helped me develop the skills and knowledge to work well with young people, advocate for their needs and support service development of CAMHS sites.

Elysium’s Patient Advice and Liaison Support service work to support and advise young people, parents and carers regarding questions, queries and discuss ward matters to support their needs.

We can help by:

  • Helping to resolve problems informally raised on young people’s behalf
  • Listening to any issues, queries or concerns raised
  • Using feedback & suggestions to improve our service


Learn more about Elysium’s CAMHS services here.