International Nurses’ Day Blog – Charlotte May, Chadwick Lodge

Charlotte May is a registered Mental Health Nurse and is the Acting Hospital Director for Chadwick Lodge in Milton Keynes. The hospital provides therapeutic services for men and women requiring medium and low secure care and specialist Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) rehabilitation for women with a diagnosis of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder on Hope and Isla House.

She is the Head of Nursing for the Northern Region within Elysium and supports learning and sharing good practice across the region.

As a registered Mental Health Nurse and intensively trained DBT therapist, Charlotte has held a variety of positions throughout her career both as a frontline clinician as well as in senior management positions. For the first 8 years of her career she worked as a Mental Health Nurse and DBT therapist within secure services and was part of a team that developed a DBT informed programme within these services.

After this Charlotte moved into a management position within an adolescent service as a Clinical Manager and further supported their DBT programme as well as providing Nursing leadership to support an improvement in the quality of care being provided to Service Users.

Charlotte has worked at Chadwick Lodge for the last two years as the Lead Nurse and Deputy Hospital Director, recently stepping into the Acting Hospital Director role. She has supported the development of the nursing team and services provided at Chadwick Lodge, and is passionate about the services they provide to all of their Service Users.

Charlotte says,

“To celebrate International Nurses’ Day, Chadwick Lodge will be asking for nominations from staff and Service Users for five different awards;

1. Nurse of the year

2. Most engaging Nurse

3. Going above and beyond

4. Most cheerful Nurse

5. Most approachable Nurse

We are also having a two hour ‘Nurses Day party’ in the staff room where we will be presenting the awards, having lots of food and cake, and fun games such as ‘pin the hat on where’s Wale’, our Clinical Nurse Manager! The finale will be a big party!”