International Nurses’ Day Blog – Cassie, Phoenix House

Cassie is currently the Ward Manager of Phoenix House hospital which is a 20 bedded rehabilitation hospital which provides person-centred interventions and support to female patients between 18 and 65 years old.

Although Cassie has only been qualified for a short amount of time her drive and enthusiasm has allowed her to work in a variety of capacities and progress quickly into her current position. Cassie has always been keen to undertake further training and broaden her knowledge and build on her skills.

Cassie started her career as a staff nurse at 21 years old working within the NHS on a mixed acute ward in mental health services. Within 12 months Cassie had obtained her first Ward Sister post allowing her to develop and use her passion for effective leadership and staff support recognising that this is key in staff providing the best possible care to patients. While in this post Cassie completed the Aston Team Leaders Programme further enhancing her insight and skills in team dynamics and working styles.

Following 18 months as Ward Sister Cassie obtained a post working as a Senior Nurse within the Psychosis pathway (community team). This specialised pathway supported patients in their own homes who have been diagnosed with illnesses of a psychotic nature providing individualised care. While working in the Psychosis pathway Cassie completed further training to enhance both clinical and leadership skills this included the Maastricht interview training for voice hearers as well as the Mary Seacole Programme which is offered through the NHS Leadership Academy and focuses on developing leadership skills and knowledge.

Since joining Elysium at Phoenix House hospital in March Cassie has used her links with the local NHS trust to increase awareness and profile of Elysium. Inviting key members of the organisation to visit Phoenix House and show them all the great work that the team has done in preparing to reopen a new and improved service.

When asked about celebrating International Nurses day she said,

“The whole team is really excited about international nurses day and we will be holding a special lunch for all staff and patients in the dining room at Phoenix House with lots of cakes and treats as well as fruit and healthy options. We have also set up an ‘appreciation’ box in reception which allows staff, patients and visitors to anonymously post what they appreciate about the Nurses which will then be displayed in the ward and read out at the lunch”.