Healthlinc House rated Good in latest CQC Inspection

We are very pleased to announce that our specialist learning disability and autism hospital Healthlinc House in Lincolnshire has again been rated as Good by CQC.

Supporting up to 20 men and women with complex needs in a range of small apartments Healthlinc provides outcomes focused time limited treatment and rehabilitation in the hospital and has its own pathway into three small registered care services locally.

Key comments from the CQC report include:

The service was a strong advocate of the STOMP program (stopping over medication of people with learning disability).

Staff carried out thorough physical and mental health assessments of all patients on admission.

The staff team included or had access to the full range of specialists required to meet the needs of patients. Managers made sure staff had the range of skills needed to provide high quality care.

Staff planned and managed patient discharge well, as a result, staff rarely delayed discharge for other than a clinical reason.

Managers had created two new key posts to address specific issues. A physical care co-ordinator to work closely with the consultant psychiatrist and visiting general practitioner. An employee engagement lead to buddy new healthcare assistants during the first few months of working at the hospital.

Each patient had their own en suite bedroom, within an apartment, and could keep their personal belongings safe.

To read the full CQC report and for more details about Healthlinc House click here