Getting Through The Second Lockdown at The Copse

Life during 2020 has been almost unrecognisable as we know it, a second lockdown has made it so much harder for everyone including staff, NHS or key workers, families and carers and for service users already facing the challenge of being in a hospital setting.

Staff at The Copse all put in huge efforts to ensure that service users remained on their rehabilitation and recovery pathway, even at this uncertain time.  The Occupational Therapy team along with the Psychology department have worked tirelessly to ensure that ward activities and therapies are varied so that spirits are lifted and service users motivated to engage, ensuring that plans for the future don’t have to be put on hold.

The new Art and Creative Activity Group has proved a great platform for people to express themselves with service users choosing both the brief and the medium. Little brings to mind a sense of hope and joy more than the image of Sunflowers, chosen as the focus for a recent art workshop.  After all, the most visited painting in the National Gallery is Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, painted at a time when this young artist who himself suffered with profound mental health problems, had a rare moment of hope and happiness as he anticipated the arrival of his artist friend and idol, Paul Gaugin.

We all need something to look forward to and service users at The Copse have asked that the Art Group remains a weekly session as the benefits of engaging in the process of producing a piece of art work can be seen almost instantly.  Service users said they felt more relaxed and less anxious as they concentrated on their individual paintings during the session and hopefully after restrictions are lifted, friends, families and carers will be able to visit once more and share in everyone’s sense of pride in the achievement of producing these lovely pieces of work.