Your questions

Why is my family member being cared for in a hospital or a care setting?

If your family member has been admitted to one of our hospitals, this is so they can receive the treatment and care needed to improve their health or to manage their condition. If your family member has come in to one of our care or residential settings it could be that they are getting ready for more independent living or that they cannot live at home without some more support. Both the hospital and residential teams will work in partnership with your family member and, with consent, yourselves. This is to make sure that their care and support needs are met and future plans are in place for them.


Everyone is an individual with individual needs. Each person will have identified, informed and agreed treatment goals and aspirations so it can be difficult to say just how long their stay will be. Our joint aim is to ensure that their stay is for the shortest time possible to enable them to continue their care pathway in a positive and supportive way.


We recognise that some individuals in our care will live with us longer term in the service which is their home. We will continue to work with your loved ones to ensure that they live their lives meeting their personal life goals in order to fulfil their hopes and dreams.

Who will look after my family member?

In our care or residential settings, service users have access to both clinical, therapeutic and support staff.  They will be looked after by this team of caring professionals who will all work towards helping them meet their goals. Within a hospital setting the treatment team, also known as a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) may be made up of:


  • Responsible Clinician or Doctor
  • Nurses and Healthcare Assistants
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Individual Therapist
Where will my family member sleep?

Most services offer en-suite bedrooms which, if appropriate, can be personalised so your family member can feel at home.  Where accommodation is shared, which is sometimes the preference of those in our care, this will be an informed choice and be reviewed whenever you family member requests.

Is smoking allowed at Elysium services?

The majority of our services are smoke free sites and each service will inform your family member of the site policy. We are happy to support individuals who wish to stop smoking and maintain a smoke free lifestyle.

What about food?

Some of the services have a full complement of catering staff to meet the food choices of your loved one, including special dietary and cultural requirements. In our services where your family member is rehabilitating or living permanently, meal planning, recipe ideas, cooking and shopping may be part of daily living.

What are restricted items?

Some items are not allowed into the services for service user safety and the safety of others. You and your family member will be made aware of any restricted items for that service.

What about my family member’s benefits?

Each service will support your family member to claim for any benefits they are entitled to and access their money if and when required.

Are families and children allowed to visit?

Staying in touch with family is important and we are really committed to supporting this. Each service will advise you of any visiting preferences. For some sites you will need to pre-arrange your visit so that the space used for visitors can be booked for you and is not already in use. In other services, which are secure, we have to ensure that only those agreed to visit do so.

At this time we ask that you refer to our COVID-19 information on interim visiting arrangements:

Elysium Covid-19 Update

How are people involved in their own care?

We aim for all patients, residents and service users to be fully involved in their care, and are supported to engage if they are unable to do so independently. We also encourage family and carer involvement, with the services users’ agreement and consent to share information about them with you. Plans of care and personal goals are agreed with each individual, the MDT and those who commission our services.  These are reviewed a minimum of weekly in our hospital services and as and when required in our care and residential settings.

What happens when a person is ready to leave one of our services?

When the individual is ready to leave our services, we will engage with all those involved in the care of your family member. This is to ensure that the discharge is safe and supportive to both the service user and those who will be supporting them when they leave our services. We aim to work in partnership with all those involved in your family members care to ensure that their discharge is successful. This partnership working will happen whether it is a transition to another service, discharge to the community or returning home. We are always happy to discuss any concerns that you or your family member who we are supporting, may have.

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