If your family member has been admitted to one of our hospitals, this is so they can receive the treatment and care needed to improve their health or to manage their condition. If your family member has come in to one of our care or residential settings it could be that they are getting ready for more independent living or that they cannot live at home without some more support. Both the hospital and residential teams will work in partnership with your family member and, with consent, yourselves. This is to make sure that their care and support needs are met and future plans are in place for them.


Everyone is an individual with individual needs. Each person will have identified, informed and agreed treatment goals and aspirations so it can be difficult to say just how long their stay will be. Our joint aim is to ensure that their stay is for the shortest time possible to enable them to continue their care pathway in a positive and supportive way.


We recognise that some individuals in our care will live with us longer term in the service which is their home. We will continue to work with your loved ones to ensure that they live their lives meeting their personal life goals in order to fulfil their hopes and dreams.

In our care or residential settings, service users have access to both clinical, therapeutic and support staff.  They will be looked after by this team of caring professionals who will all work towards helping them meet their goals. Within a hospital setting the treatment team, also known as a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) may be made up of:

  • Responsible Clinician or Doctor
  • Nurses and Healthcare Assistants
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Individual Therapist

Most services offer en-suite bedrooms which, if appropriate, can be personalised so your family member can feel at home.  Where accommodation is shared, which is sometimes the preference of those in our care, this will be an informed choice and be reviewed whenever you family member requests.

The majority of our services are smoke free sites and each service will inform your family member of the site policy. We are happy to support individuals who wish to stop smoking and maintain a smoke free lifestyle.