Family Carer COVID-19 Information

During the current pandemic there have been multiple impacts and restrictions on all members of society. These impacts have disrupted all families and the loss of contact has been difficult for everyone. This is probably no better illustrated in the impact of those within hospitals and care homes.

At Elysium Healthcare we understand that the social distancing measures we all have to adhere to can be difficult. With the increase of COVID positive cases in some areas across the country, the government has imposed local restrictions in relation to social distancing and other requirements to keep the community safe.

During this time of uncertainty, Elysium may have to alter visiting restrictions to services, in line with the latest NHSE and government guidance at very short notice.

Service staff will inform you and your family member as soon as we become aware of localised or changed rules around visiting.  We appreciate your support and understanding at this time, as we prioritise the safety of your loved one, families and staff who support them.

Please ask the Service Manager for further information regarding their bespoke visiting guidance.

Elysium Healthcare will update this web page weekly to keep you informed with the current situation.


Practice Considerations

In all cases, access to sites for visiting must be planned with the service and all family, friends and carers must contact the service in advance to discuss appropriate arrangements (including IPC and PPE).  The health, safety and wellbeing, of everyone remains our absolute priority and as such Elysium may have to alter visiting restrictions to services, in line with the latest NHSE and government guidance at very short notice.


Service User Visiting home – leave escorted or unescorted

Visiting on leave is part of the care pathway for most patients in the progress of their pathway.  However the impact of social distancing and isolation, prevention of transmission means that Elysium may have to alter visiting restrictions to services, in line with the latest NHSE and government guidance at very short notice.

During this time it is advisable, where possible that family, friends and carers find other ways of keeping in touch with loved ones, like phone and video calls.  These will be supported by the service where clinically appropriate.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Families and friends could understandably be concerned that services have enough equipment to protect their loved ones. Elysium Healthcare want to assure you that we are following government guidelines in relation to PPE, hygiene and infection control to protect those who live and work in our services.

We have had recent concerns raised regarding the requirement for some staff to wear PPE whilst at work. We understand that this can be very frightening and would like to reassure those in our care, their families and friends that these measures are in line with the Government guidelines. The requirement to wear the PPE, does not indicate that there are patients, service users or residents with confirmed Covid-19. These are government precautionary guidelines to protect those in our care and staff.


Isolating individuals with symptoms

In the event that an individual is displaying symptoms that indicate COVID-19, we will implement isolation of that individual in our care. Where this is the case, individuals will be in contact with staff regularly but kept separate from the other patients, residents or service users.   The reasons, requirements and actions will be fully explained to your loved one and a care plan implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of that individual and prevent the spread of infection.

We will make sure that the physical health and wellbeing of each patient, resident or service user is central to the delivery of their care.


Once again thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

In the meantime, if you have any queries or concerns you can speak directly with the Registered Manager of the service or e-mail

The Government have published information on COVID-19 in Easy Read, large print and many different languages.  You can download these here:

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